Request a yearbook

Each year you attend Missouri S&T as a full-time undergraduate student, a portion of your paid tuition goes to the Yearbook. That means you are entitled to a copy of a yearbook in some form from a year you have attended as a full-time undergraduate student at no additional cost. However, physical copies are limited so get your copies as soon as you can. Digital copies can be found here.

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy now!

How to get your copy of the yearbook

  • Pick up during Senior Photographs in Havener Center. Held each semester (dates announced over the eConnection)
  • Email us with which book you need:

Past Yearbook Availability

We no longer have any physical copies available of 2006-07(Vol.101) or 2008-09(Vol.103)

We have a limited number of 2007-08(Vol.102)

Please note that yearbooks are pre-paid for by full-time undergraduate students. Therefore we cannot furnish copies to anyone who does not fit into that category. We cannot sell copies to individuals because of that. However, arrangements may be made for copies of yearbooks that are more than five years old [contact us for more information].